Jesus Is Alive!

Celebration today in conjunction with Revival City Church

Holy Week Dates

Our Holy Week dates
The Diocese of Southwark Church Army UK & Ireland


Busy evening at #sthelieryouth pancakes were made and boundaries were discussed- they preferred one over the other, can you guess which?! Massive thanks to those who give their time! Shout out to Anthea (Sutton Primary Care Network!) Sutton Primary Care Networks Church Army UK & Ireland The Diocese of Southwark

Reflection Day

Wonderful time of prayer led by Theresa Marple as we reflected and remembered those we have lost. The Diocese of Southwark Church Army UK & Ireland

Tea & Toast

Free after school sessions, Mondays 3.30-5pm term time only.

Following Jesus

Today in kids church we reflected on Jesus’ call to follow Him. We thought about what it meant to leave nets and follow. We celebrated Rev Helga at her licensing as Assistant Curate and we’re grateful to God for her following God’s call on her life! #StHelierParish #FollowingJesus The Diocese of Southwark

Winter Health Event


St Helier Voices

Read about the St Helier Voices concert & the Art for well-being group that’s been happening here in the Parish of St Helier!
Church Army UK & Ireland The Diocese of Southwark


Great to celebrate 2 baptisms this morning at St Peter’s, Morden! #StHelierestate @ChurchArmy @RevMarlow

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Art For Wellbeing

We are excited about our new art project starting this week in partnership with
@SuttonCouncil led by Anna from Intuit Art. #ParishofStHelier @ChurchArmy @SouthwarkCofE



6 Adults, 1 teen, 1 infant and 3 reaffirmed baptisms (two of which were my parents) today. Aslan is on the move! Love what God is going here ❤️#thank you Jesus





Say hello to our choir

Say hello to some of our choir members! The #StHelierVoices are performing three times in July! Come along to @SHMACF David Weir, Saturday 8th to hear us at the St Helier Music & Commubity Festival! They are performing at 1.15. Hope to see you there! @nhssutton_ @ChurchArmy twitter_F0QV7iCXgAEOKdd

Sharing a little hope!

Our team have been sharing a little HOPE at the @SHMACF today! @RevMarlow @ChurchArmy @SouthwarkCofE #sthelier


Grateful to God for our churchwardens Syd & Peter who were sworn in at a service last night at St Mary’s Catherham. Please pray for them as they serve in the Parish. @RevMarlow @SouthwarkCofE #ParishofStHelier @ChurchArmy #StHelierCoM


Wonderful to celebrate Pentecost today. Four local congregations came together to worship & remember that first Pentecost and it was wonderful! @HorizonChurchUK #fullgospelchurchsutton @RevivalCityUK


The Annual Meeting!

Yesterday we celebrated a year of life in #ParishofStHelier at our APCM! We thanked those who are stepping down from PCC & handed keys the new warden! We heard from our Pioneer Evangelists about mission and we thanked our Treasurer. @SouthwarkCofE @ChurchArmy @RevMarlow



Grateful to @thethinkofkevin for bringing HOPE to our community in a number of ways. As previous Vicar of our Parish & as a continued encourager & supporter of the mission & ministry here! We are overwhelmed with gratitude! @RevMarlow @SouthwarkCofE @ChurchArmy

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Coronation Street Party

Amazing time celebrating the King’s Coronation! 200 people at our event today. Thanks @MPSSutton @MPSStHelierZT our neighbourhood team who popped by. Thanks #FUNdamentalfootballacademy & all the volunteers! #sthelierestate @SuttonCouncil @SouthwarkCofE @ChurchArmy @RevMarlow

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Christ Has Risen!

The curtain was ripped from top to bottom and we entered in with shouts of Alleluia !!! We danced as @HRH5512 and her team led sung worship, a baptism, new families joined us from the Estate tears flowed freely…CHRIST IS RISEN @NorthSuttonCofM @ChurchArmy

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Palm Sunday at St Peter's

Great time at our all age 10.30 service for Palm Sunday at St Peter’s today. Hosanna!

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